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    identification of needs and problems
in modern industry and construction
Available from GLEČER
  And therefore we are able
  • Glečer possesses all necessary tools, equipment and devices for the activities carried out
  • Motor pool consisting of passenger vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, cargo and combined use vehicles
  • Own plant for fabrication and finishing of structural steel works
  • Glečer is currently the only company equipped with specialized equipment and tools for
    disassembly and assembly of heavy structures parts at building inaccessible areas.
  • Multi-purpose storage
  • Rapid acting and reliable teams
The entire equipment and tools used for carrying out of works is contemporary and some of the highly renowned world manufacturers the equipment of which is used being: Fronijus, Varstroj, Bosch, Würth, Geda, Liebher, Knut, Quantum, Hilti, Yale, Liftech, Robert Röntgen, Kampmann, Ryobi, Eibenstock. Besides, the engineers and technicians within our teams by using special software tools are able to design and build the most complex assemblies and to fabricate the equipment for special use as well as special tools in compliance with the most strict regulations on safety and protection at work.
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