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GLEČER is the name under which we took pride in signing numerous completed works in the field of specialized works in building industry, structural steel works and regular investment maintenance across the region wide. We would like to accentuate that our services are a high quality ones and also to assure you that Glečer solutions and products fully meet high requirements of the contemporary efficient building.


The history of GLEČER began with Slavan Karanac in 1994. Today the company numbers 85 full-time employed engineers, technicians, welders, locksmiths, fitters and erecters and construction workers. They are also all willing to work in the most complex conditions, at specific locations, used and adapted to the tight deadlines and spatial limitations. All that, as well as continuous specialized professional training and keeping abreast with the new technologies has helped the company to gain the experience and develop the company structure which is flexible and ready for new challenges and endeavors.. Elektroprivreda Srbije (The Electricity Supply Industry of Serbia), Beogradske elektrane (The Belgrade Distance Heating Plants), Holcim and other companies have engaged us in order to integrate our seventeen-years-long experience in joint jobs

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